Vectrus Project Manager in Afghanistan


PM is responsible for the overall electrical repair and assessment contract who provides a single Point of Contact (POC) for the KO, provides programmatic reporting to our USG customer, and can address overall management and contracting issues. This individual will have at least three (3) years of experience in general contract project management on programs similar in size and complexity to the effort described in this PWS. The PM must have a Secret Security Clearance throughout the deployment. Program management experience managing multiple teams at multiple locations.

MAJOR JOB ACTIVITIES: Please list by order of priority and, if possible, provide the percentage of time spent on the activity all should equal 100%.

  1. Represent Vectrus at governmental meetings concerning the program with COR and other USG representatives
  2. Interface with senior USG staff on contract issues related to planning, resourcing, executing and assessing contract requirements, modifications and performance
  3. Ensure compliance with all contractual requirements and deliverables
  4. Manage operational and administrative activities for contractor personnel, providing direction and guidance to site managers and employees (master and journeyman electricians)
  5. Provide status reports on contracts, program activities and emerging business opportunities.
  6. Develop/implement QA Plan with QC Manager to ensure compliance and execute QA Surveillance Plan
  7. Timely problem identification and development of corrective action plans
  8. Adherence to timelines, milestones, delivery schedules and administrative requirements to include delivery of reports, data products, billing invoices and staffing of personnel
  9. Management of administrative actions of contractor personnel, to include leave, pay, evaluations, quality control and coordination of contractor furnished equipment.
  10. Timely coordination of replacements for departing contractor personnel
  11. Strong working relationship with the Army Corps of Engineers.
  12. Weekly on site visits to deployed programs throughout the country to include the COR
  13. Supervise Managers to meet performance, contractual obligations and USG and/or Afghanistan legal requirements


Typical electrical tools, equipment, and material Will be provided with proper gloves, safety glasses and boots while on the jobsite and required Interceptor Body Armor (IBA), Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), ballistic glasses, gloves etc. while in transport between sites. Computer, Ipad, property management systems.


Afghanistan. Hostile and austere locations. All work will be on USG installations. However, travel will be required. Personnel are secured and transported by the USG.


The contractor shall ensure the individuals they deploy are in compliance with the current USCENTCOM Individual Protection and Individual/Unit Deployment Policy, including TAB A, Amplification of the Minimal Standards of Fitness for Deployment to the CENTCOM AOR. This is a physical demanding job and will require actively moving and working for 12 hours per day. Successfully passing a MOD 13 medical is required.


1) Physical or psychological conditions resulting in the inability to effectively wear IPE, including protective mask, ballistic helmet, body armor, and CBRN protective ensemble, regardless of the nature of the condition that causes the inability to wear the equipment if wearing such equipment may be reasonably anticipated or required in the deployed location.

2) Conditions that prohibit immunizations or use of FHPPs required for the specific deployment. Depending on the applicable threat assessment, required FHPPs, vaccines, and countermeasures may include atropine, epinephrine and/or 2-pam chloride auto-injectors, certain antimicrobials, antimalarials, and pyridostigmine bromide.

(3) Any chronic medical condition that requires frequent clinical visits, that fails to respond to adequate conservative treatment, or that necessitates significant limitation of physical activity.

(4) Any medical condition that requires durable medical equipment or appliances or that requires periodic evaluation and/or treatment by medical specialists not readily available in theater (e.g., CPAC machine for sleep apnea).

(5) Any unresolved acute or chronic illness or injury that would impair duty performance in a deployed environment during the duration of the deployment.

(6) Active tuberculosis or known blood-borne diseases that may be transmitted to others in a deployed environment. (For HIV infections, see subparagraph b.(17) of this section.)

(7) An acute exacerbation of a physical or mental health condition that could affect duty performance.

(8) Recurrent loss of consciousness for any reason.

(9) Any medical condition that could result in sudden incapacitation including a history of stroke within the last 24 months, seizure disorders, and diabetes mellitus type I or II, treated with insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents.

(10) Hypertension not controlled with medication or that requires frequent monitoring to achieve control.

(11) Pregnancy.

(12) Cancer for which the individual is receiving continuing treatment or that requires periodic specialty medical evaluations during the anticipated duration of the deployment.

(13) Precancerous lesions that have not been treated and/or evaluated and that require treatment and/or evaluation during the anticipated duration of the deployment.

(14) Any medical condition that requires surgery or for which surgery has been performed that requires rehabilitation or additional surgery to remove devices.

(15) Asthma that has a Forced Expiratory Volume-1 (FEV-1) of less than or equal to 50 percent of predicted FEV-1 despite appropriate therapy, that has required hospitalization at least 2 times in the last 12 months, or that requires daily systemic oral or injectable steroids.

(16) Any musculoskeletal condition that significantly impairs performance of duties in a deployed environment.

(17) HIV antibody positive with the presence of progressive clinical illness or immunological deficiency. The Combatant Command surgeon should be consulted in all instances of HIV seropositivity before medical clearance for deployment.

(18) Hearing loss. The requirement for use of a hearing aid does not necessarily preclude deployment. However, the individual must have sufficient unaided hearing to perform duties safely.

(19) Loss of vision. Best corrected visual acuity must meet job requirements to safely perform duties.

(20) Symptomatic coronary artery disease.

(21) History of myocardial infarction within 1 year of deployment.

(22) History of coronary artery bypass graft, coronary artery angioplasty, carotid endarterectomy, other arterial stenting, or aneurysm repair within 1 year of deployment.

(23) Cardiac dysrhythmias or arrhythmias, either symptomatic or requiring medical or electrophysiologic control (presence of an implanted defibrillator and/or pacemaker).

(24) Heart failure.

(25) Individuals without a dental exam within the last 12 months or who are likely to require dental treatment or reevaluation for oral conditions that are likely to result in dental emergencies within 12 months.

(26) Psychotic and/or bipolar disorders. For detailed guidance on deployment-limiting psychiatric conditions or psychotropic medications, see Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (ASD(HA)) Memorandum (Reference (bi)).

(27) Psychiatric disorders under treatment with fewer than 3 months of demonstrated stability.

(28) Clinical psychiatric disorders with residual symptoms that impair duty performance.

(29) Mental health conditions that pose a substantial risk for deterioration and/or recurrence of impairing symptoms in the deployed environment.

(30) Chronic medical conditions that require ongoing treatment with antipsychotics, lithium, or anticonvulsants.


Minimum 3 years in contract program management of similar size and complexity - electrical background preferred. Licensed Master Electrician by U.S. state, municipality, or territory or equivalent qualifications/certification preferred.


Minimum 3 years in contract program management of similar size and complexity - electrical background preferred. Licensed Master Electrician by U.S. state, municipality, or territory or equivalent qualifications/certification preferred.


  1. U.S. Citizenship status is required as this position requires an active or current U.S. DoD Secret Security Clearance, used within the past two years.
  2. Five in a related Government or business field highly desired, three years required
  3. Experience as a licensed master electrician preferred
  4. Possess current U.S. passport with at least 6 months of eligibility remaining
  5. Must be able to obtain Afghanistan visa
  6. Knowledge of operational methods of U.S. civilian police and/or U.S. military
  7. Excellent communications and interpersonal skills; able to resolve workplace conflict
  8. Proven experience with military culture and customs
  9. Willing to travel and meet with senior USG personnel, working sites, and leaders
  10. Knowledgeable in training development, management, and operations
  11. Experience in Risk Management and Mitigation Skills
  12. Self-starter with good organizational and analytical skills; can work both independently and as a member of a team
  13. Detail-oriented with the ability to work under challenging deadlines
  14. Background in developing and implementing complex new programs
  15. Experience preparing written correspondence and information products for senior officers
  16. Working Knowledge of Microsoft Suite


Responsible for PMO staff (Property manger, quality control manager, site and safety health offices, teams of up to 30 personnel (1 master and 1 journeyman electrician per team), and additional support staff. Manage a program with more than 80 personnel.

Responsible for meeting budget requirements and contract deliverables on time and within budget.


Under close supervision – indicates that assigned duties that follow specific procedures. Work is frequently checked.

Job: Business Development

Title: Project Manager

Location: Afghanistan

Requisition ID: PEN001414

Clearance Level required at Start Date: Secret

Travel: Yes, 5 % of the Time

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